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Limited edition
Giclee Art Print
91×66 cm

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  • 14 Nov 2018 Edit
    The artwork has been edited
  • 13 Nov 2018 Creation
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Artist statement:
Early in the morning a group of senior adults exercise in the sea near the promenade in Limassol. As of 2017, the City is ranked 89th in Mercer's Worldwide Quality of Living survey.
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... Stuart Price

Biography: Born in Yorkshire in 1971, Stuart Price is now based in Brighton, U.K. After receiving a diploma in Photography in 1990 he immediately started building up a body of personal work using large format film. In 1998, he entered and won a British Journal of Photography Award and a Campaign Magazine Award where his work was exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London. After a spell shooting still life in London, he now concentrates on People, Places, Faces and Spaces. He defines his style as graphic and geometric searching for patterns and symmetry in spaces and people. He has since shot work for Sony and has several ongoing projects such as Being Human & Labour in New York City. The natural landscape has always been a draw and being a creative individual, he is constantly pursuing new ways of expression. His project, Woodlands is a fine example of this, capturing dreamlike states using in camera techniques. “I have a tendency for clean and structured images. Everything in order and in its place. As long as the main subjects are controlled and neat, I love including little details in my images so the viewer will always see something different. I like to produce work that is engaging and throws up questions to the viewer.”