Portrait of a Man in Kenzo Outfit by Sabina Šinko

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Unique work
Watercolour and Acrylic
80×90×2 cm
Copyright © 2018 Sabina Šinko
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    Portrait of a Man in Kenzo Outfit
Artist statement:

As it is known from history an "ideal beauty" is an entity, that is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a particular culture. In my new series “Beautiful and Ugly” I am researching the beauty as a phenomenon in aesthetics and sociology in our culture. The portraits are representing my experience with perception of individual face through the process of painting. The flowing watercolor technic, which I use for painting the faces allow me to create an image, that consists the visible and invisible of an individual, which can be transfered to the community in general. The other parts of paintings are painted in acrylic technic, mainly in illustrative way, as a reflection of the surface and two-dimensionality of the occurrence.

... Sabina Šinko


Born in Maribor, lives in Lendava, Slovenia. After studying art and art education, Sabina works artistically as a painter and costume, set and puppet designer. She exhibited in Slovenia and internationally including Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia, Germany and Italy. She created visually many theater performances in Slovenia and abroad. In addition to artistic creation she is an Assistant Professor at University of Maribor.

In her artistic work as a painter she focuses on painting watercolors and acrylic techniques on canvas, paper and silk. Her artistic research topics are relationships between reality and fantasy, mass and popular culture and intimacy. She often tends to surrealism, combination of natural and artificial worlds, humans and animals.

She combines elements from different sources within a single painting, influenced by her observations of peoples' daily interactions with nature she create a moving and unique portraits. They are dreamlike and theatrical, with energy that is clearly perceivable by our sense. The images are leading to imagination and comes alive for the person who looks at it.

Interlacing by techniques is very obvious in her paintings. She uses traditional Chinese ink and watercolors overlays several times, while maintaining each coat to achieve airness and a watercolor effect.

She works in nontraditional uncontrolled, free-flowing way often mixed on different basis. Creativity is for her a play between control and freedom where subjects display their feelings, moods and emotions. She has a particular sensitivity for techniques where color-flow reveals the subjects and forms. Ink and watercolor create abstract effects which enrich the visual impact of her work.